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Updates, Updates, Updates…

The Mob Ties Team and I once again want to thank all of our Kickstarter backers (and everyone else who supported us) for making Mob Ties possible.  We’ll be using this as the central repository for updates as the manufacturing process moves along from beginning to end.  I’ll also be posting updates via Kickstarter to all our backers, but I wanted to also keep this running production blog so that anyone interested in how a board game evolves from concept to finished product can get an inside look at the process (I definitely wish I had known a lot of this stuff before we began making Mob Ties).

We’ve got a lot of updates.

We hired a new graphic designer, David Ausloos, to take Mob Ties to the next level and make it a game that can sit on the shelf beside the biggest games on the market today.  Below is an example of one of the finished Favor Cards he created for us.

We think David’s redesign of the format of the cards looks amazing.  We’ve decided to make the cards 2.25″x4.25″, similar to what some of you may have encountered in games like Betrayal at House on the Hill.  We felt that this longer, slimmer card size would allow us to fully exhibit the quality and beauty of the custom artwork that John S. Jamtli illustrated for us.  I can’t wait to show you what David’s done with the game board and the other game components.  They look amazing.  But you guys will have a chance to see all the new designs as I’ll be posting them on here (and Kickstarter) regularly.

Next week we send off the first group of files to the manufacturer to start the proofing process.  Our manufacturer estimates that the finished game will be shipped at the end of April or beginning of May (he specifically estimates 8 – 10 weeks from receipt of the first files to the delivery of the finished product).  Hopefully the process won’t take quite as long as he estimates and we can get Mob Ties out to everyone even sooner, but we’re planning on the late April/early May release date.

Also, we’ve secured our first distributor, Warpath Games, located in Santa Clara, California, who will be supplying copies of Mob Ties to retailers on the West Coast as well as other regions across the U.S.  We hope to secure additional distributors in the U.S. as well as Europe and Asia later this year.

Let us know what you think about the new look of the cards.  As I said above, we’ll be posting more of the finished cards and illustrations periodically.  We’ll also be posting the first proofs of the game as soon as we receive them back from our manufacturer.  Once all the proofs have been approved, then the manufacturer will print and ship the game to us.  And as soon as we receive the first copies, we’ll be mailing them out to all our backers.

Stay tuned.


Reviews of Mob Ties: The Board Game

James and Lance were gracious enough to take the time to review Mob Ties and we can’t thank them enough.  I’ve embedded their respective reviews below.

James Castelli of Castelli Reviews

UndeadViking’s Review

Thanks guys!

A Few More Wallpapers…

Here are a few more wallpapers for everyone.  Enjoy!

Mob Ties Trailers and Promos

In case you missed any of the trailers or promos we put together, I’ve embedded them below.

“Mob Ties: The Board Game — Promo One: So It Begins!”

“Mob Ties: The Board Game — Promo Two: Say Your Prayers!”

“Mob Ties: The Board Game — Promo Three: Fed to the Pigs/Meat Grinder!”

“Mob Ties: The Board Game — Kickstarter Promo”


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