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Mob Ties: The Board Game Available Through WarPath Games

We’re happy to announce that WarPath Games will be assisting us in distributing Mob Ties.  If you’re a game store or hobby shop, please contact WarPath Games for more information.


Mob Ties: The Board Game – Official Print & Play version available for free…

Last night the Official Print & Play Version of Mob Ties™ went live.  It can be downloaded for free from our online store at  Also included in the free download is a coupon for $10.00 off the retail price of Mob Ties™: The Board Game when purchased through our online store.  If you’ve never made a Print & Play version of a game before, all I can tell you is that it’s fun as hell (as long as you like building things).  Definitely takes a bit of elbow grease, but when it’s all said and done you can bask in the knowledge that you made your own version by hand.  And it’s free (except for the cost of the materials to print the game).  And if nothing else, you can download the Print & Play to get a preview of what’s in the retail version… and if you like what you see, then you’ll also have a coupon for $10.00 so that you can purchase the retail version at the discounted price.  Directions are included, as well as the two rule books.  Enjoy!

Press Proofs for the Game Box

The manufacturer sent us these press proofs for the Mob Ties™ game box.  We should have a copy for approval in a week or so, and then the first portion of our order will ship about a week after that.  Very, very excited.  And we can’t wait to show you how amazing the printed game box looks.  If it’s anything like our initial prototype, we think you’ll love it.

Game Board Press Proof

We previously posted some earlier drafts of the Mob Ties™ game board, but here’s the press proof of the final version as it will be printed.  If you zoom in,  you can even see the street names of some of our Kickstarter backers.

“Honor Among Thieves” vs. “All Bets Are Off”

During playtesting, we discovered that a major point of contention, or better yet conflict, arose from the terms of negotiation between players.  Could you make a deal with another player, and then break that agreement and brutally kill that player’s mobsters?  Should players be bound by the terms of their agreement?  In most early game sessions, we allowed players to police their own agreements and pacts.  If someone broke an agreement and stabbed you in the back, then you probably wouldn’t trust them anymore, nor would you be foolish enough to enter into another agreement with them.  But, there were definitely those game sessions where conflict between players went beyond the game table and tempers — real world tempers — flared with the threat of real violence.  As a result, we introduced the “Honor Among Thieves”/”All Bets Are Off” token which would set the terms of negotiation.  If “Honor Among Thieves” is in effect, players are bound to uphold and keep the agreements they make so long as consideration (in the form of cash) is exchanged.  Alternatively, if “All Bets Are Off” is in effect, players are under no obligation to keep their word and can break agreements with impunity.  I personally favor the latter terms of negotiation, but we wanted players to be able to choose.  The Alternate & Advanced Rule Book also details instructions for playing games in which the terms of negotiation can be changed by the reigning Don.  More than anything, we just wanted Mob Ties™ to be flexible and open to any group of players, especially where feelings might get hurt.  Here’s a look at the press proof for the “Honor Among Thieves”/”All Bets Are Off” token.

Blood Money

We really wanted the Kitty Cash to look as though someone had been shot at the game table, and the blood from their wound had sprayed across the stacks of money.  We hope that we’ve achieved that effect.  The Kitty Cash is set out below similar to how it should be arranged beside the Mob Ties™ game board (this particular pic is from the Official Print & Play preview version we released yesterday, available at

Press Proof for the Game Pieces

This is the press proof the manufacturer sent us for the game pieces.  They informed us that this would not necessarily be their final format or positioning on the printed cardboard sheet in the game box since the plant in China would re-position them for the most efficient printing.  But, nonetheless, this is how the game pieces will look.  Plastic (black) game piece stands are also included in the game box.

Favor Card Proofs

We’d never seen a sheet of card proofs before.  In case you’re wondering what the cards look like when they’re printed from an industrial machine, we’ve posted the Favor Card proofs below.

Mob Ties: The Board Game – Official Rule Book and Alternate & Advanced Rule Book (PDFs)

These have been available on the Hostage Entertainment website and also via BoardGameGeek for a while now, but we thought we’d post them here on the production blog as well.

Mob Ties – Official Rules (English)

Mob Ties – Alternate and Advanced Rules (English)

Introducing… the Don’s Ring(s)

We officially received, sorted and shipped 2,000 rings to our manufacturer a couple of weeks ago.  The options for the Don’s Ring that we originally were given by our manufacturer simply didn’t fit the theme of Mob Ties™, so we went looking for a design ourselves… and we didn’t find just one design, we found twelve.  It so happens that A&A Global Industries, a vendor and bulk wholesaler in Maryland, offers a set of twelve skull rings, and we were able to acquire these for use as the Don’s Ring in the Mob Ties™ game box.  We only chose to include eight of the twelve designs, and they come in two styles: silver and black.  They’re a perfect fit.  You can see images of them here:  Pictures of our sorting endeavors below: